Practice Based Research in the Arts

Practice Based Research in the Arts

a global, online community of artists, performers & authors

Practice Based Research in the Arts

was a 2013 MOOC from Stanford University. Some of us met (virtually) in this course.

Creating Site-Specific Dance and Performance Works

was a 2013 MOOC led by Stephan Koplowitz at CalArts. Some of us met (virtually) there.

Cyberspace Itself

Some of us met through the various magicks of the interwebs.
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This page will be so interesting!

Info on a few of the artists here on PBR-ITA


About Rebecca Narum
A Warm Welcome from Rebecca! • View all posts by Rebecca Narum Hey fellow PBRs! As did most of you, Vanessa has been asking me...
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About Kate Johnson
Hello from Kate! • View all posts by Kate Johnson So glad to be joining you all. I am a partner with Michael Masucci in...
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About Sarah Campbell
Hello, hello. • view all posts by Sarah Campbell I'm Sarah, a student of philosophy and artist (in a beginning sort of way) living on...
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About Adelina Ong
Hello from Adelina • view all posts by Adelina Ong Hello everyone :) My name is Adelina and I'm quite shy when it comes to...
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About Sweta Lal
A Warm Hello... • view all posts by Sweta Lal I had wanted to join Vanessa and the Blueberry team in PBR as I loved...
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About Paulina Lara
Paulina, never 100%- • view all posts by Paulina Lara Heya everyone. Now, finishing some work at the office, I found a bit of time...
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You are going to seriously love this page!

Some notes from, and thought about, MOOCs.


Praxis…. the practice, research and learning behind creativity   I recently joined...
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From the Beginning
One of the first posts I made within the walled garden of...
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Facebook is an MMORPG
It’s been so interesting reading the reactions to this week’s activity in...
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About MOOC Forums
MOOC Forums are pretty good. They need to be great. How do...
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Here's a post I put on our group's journal (Critical Practice) but...
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Probably no one has ever made a page as awesomer as this one.

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